Villa Hogar is a nursing home located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. We offer a warm, professional and personalized service provided by our work team that is in constant training. Please come and visit us!!!
Above all, Professionalism and Humanism.

About the company

Villa Hogar history comes from long time ago. The building that now occupies our nursing home was the medical clinic of Dr. Manuel Ramirez Gomez and his wife Elida Ramirez Ramirez as his nurse and surgical technologist. Both grandparents of the Ramirez Ramirez Family. .


Dr. Ramirez was an extremely dedicated and humanitarian person, many times without any remuneration, since he loved helping people in need and follow up their recovery process.


He distinguished himself for being an excellent Doctor, Husband and Family man. Such vocation was transmitted to two of his children, whom decided to dedicate his life to become doctors. One of those children is Dr. Diana Ramirez Ramirez, Director of Villa Hogar, whom with huge love, patience and dedication to her profession, supervises, follows up and reports to each elder’s doctor the health´s evolution of every single guest Villa Hogar has.



We are a private organization specialized in offering professional high quality health services. Our purpose is to give an integral medical attention to elder people, always respecting their dignity and promoting family ties.



To be a Nursing Home that offers elder people and their relatives a pleasant, safe and comfortable physical space. Giving an excellent service and looking always to maintain and elevate the life quality of our guests as well as our employees. In this way we’ll achieve expansion and recognition of our customers.



• Respect
• Solidarity
• Service spirit
• Honesty
• Enthusiasm
• Team Work
• Productivity



Fulfilling completetly with: NOM-67-SSA1-1997, Secretary of health, Social attonery´s office.