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Daycare service

What is a Daycare service?

Is a social resource with the purpose of attending elder´s specific needs by means of a secure and pleasant space in which they receive orientation and realize physical, recreational and occupational activities while their families work. This type of service has the objective of increasing elder´s self-esteem and socialization in order to direct them in to a successful old age.

People that use this kind of service do not have an address change, they still reside at their homes but during the day they go to the daycare centre. This center promotes elders autonomy without abandoning their habitual environment.

The daycare centre accomplishes the principal function of supporting families. During the elders stay, families can take a break of their relative care and attention.

The activities that take place during the day are:

• Movie afternoons
• Beauty salon
• Table games
• Handicraft workshops, painting and embroidery
• Musical sessions
• Tea afternoons
• Memory games
• Among more other activities…!!