Villa Hogar is a nursing home located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. We offer a warm, professional and personalized service provided by our work team that is in constant training. Please come and visit us!!!
What it has been always asked of us.

Which are the requirements for a person to be admitted?

1. The person needs to agree in entering into a nursing home.
2. Recent lab tests such as: Hematic biometry, Full blood chemistry, Urine test and complementary tests like electrolytes, lipid profile, Ultrasensitive PCR.
3. Medical story of the doctor so we can know the general condition of the person. This story will be made by our Internist. Once done we can determine if any additional lab tests is required.
4. People with contagious diseases or with psychiatrist treatments are not allowed.

What can I do if I donīt have any recent lab tests?

Donīt worry! Here we order the lab tests and the laboratory send a nurse directly to our home address to take the sample or it can be sent to Mexico American hospital which gives us a special discount for our guests.

Which is the cost of the one-day stay service?

Between $350 and $450 pesos

Which is the cost of a permanent stay?

Between $9,000 and $15,000 pesos. Depending on the type of room and the attention needed by the person.

Which are the services included/offered by the nursing home??

All the special care that an elder needs such as: accommodation, appropriate facilities, excellent and balanced diets, especial diets for diabetics, cleaning, laundry, daily exercises, occupational therapy, personalized nursing care, vital signs monitoring, medical supervision and Emergency attention if needed.

Which services are not included?

Medicines, diapers and doctors visit in case the person needs especial medical attention.

Are man and woman accepted

Yes, we accept both

Does this nursing home belong to a Hospital or a Religious Institution?

No, we are an independent and private organization.

Is it possible to test a certain period of time to see if my relative adapts?

It is possible, either if you want to try the one-day stay or you want him/her to stay for a few days. The appropriate time to consider if a person is adapted or not, takes around 3 or 4 weeks..

Elders with senile dementia or Alzheimer are accepted?

Yes, only if they are medically controlled so that they do not disturb our environment as a nursing/retirement home or other’s peace.