Villa Hogar is a nursing home located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. We offer a warm, professional and personalized service provided by our work team that is in constant training. Please come and visit us!!!
Nothing better than mouth to mouth recommendations from our guests and their families to get to know our service.
Guadalajara, Jalisco.
2 de Septiembre 2010

Our most sincere thanks to Villa Hogar, Managers and to all the personnel in their different areas, for the excellent treatment given during these last 7 years to our Mother Maria Preciado Vda De Torres who voluntarily choose this nursing home after visiting many others.

In this time, we have seen their human touch, personnel being trained and especial attention from the Endocrinology and geriatric Nutritionist to elaborate individual diets for each host according to their needs as well as constant medical follow up 24 hours a day.

In addition, we observe a warm family environment in all the activities developed with the hosts according to their different faculties:

« Gymnastics.
« Handicrafts.
« Static bicycle.
« Musical sessions.
« Programmed trips.

Torres Preciado Family.

I want to make my gratitude public to Dr. Diana Ramírez and family, owner of “Villa Hogar” Nursing Home located in 2076 Ayuntamiento Street, whom assisted by a nursing team, helped me with my mom’s care while living in the nursing home mentioned above the lasts 14 months of her life.

I want to mention that during many months before I found Villa Hogar, I was looking for the right place that met all the requirements I was willing for her attention, but in every place visited something was missing…. “Human touch” until somebody recommended me “Villa Hogar”.

Since the first time I visited it, I found that it was the place I was looking for, the human touch, love, dedication, patience and attention given to the elder people that lived there, was clearly felt as if everybody were part of a big family.

Dr. Ramírez and her family professionally help all relatives guiding them regarding medicines, lab tests and hospital services whenever the patient requires it.

Because of all these reasons and in my mom’s name “La Guerita” (as they tenderly called her) and my brother’s and on my behalf, I say again to Dr. Ramírez and her family: “Thank you so much and God bless you for your praiseworthy work”

Ma. Cristina González Rivera
Constituyentes Jaliscienses No. 183, Zapopan Jal.

My mom entered 4 years ago because of a necessity (her femur was changed) but she was not convinced. After a week she told me: “Jorge, as long as you can pay, I won´t go out of here till my dead”. These point me out how happy she was and felt. All people are very kind, responsible, ethical and professional managed by Dr. Diana Ramírez.

I felt very calm because I know my mom is happy and that the nursing home is giving her the care she needs and deserves.

I highly recommend this place

Jorge Ramón Herrera Hernández